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Email's from happy French Butter Dish customers

Just received the most wonderful butter dish--even better than in the photos. It now sits as a focal point on the kitchen table in my black and sienna-colored kitchen, real pride of place. Want you to know that after doing much (Internet) research on these, yours is the only one I could find with the brilliant cone shape and small water hole to prevent butter sinkage. This is in addition to your extreme efficiency and care. I'm really, really impressed. Thanks so much. This was a pleasure. --Susan
Hi Jim,
I received my butter dish promptly and in excellent condition. What a superb job you did of packing it securely to prevent breakage!
I tried out my butter dish and am so happy with the result. No more hard, refrigerated butter for me! It now remains soft, spreadable, and safe to use just sitting on my counter.
I did research butter dishes from several sources, and chose to order from you. Your design of the flat lid that sits securely on counter or table, your unique design of the bell itself to prevent the butter from falling out into the water, and the myriad selection of color and construction materials makes your product the obvious choice.
Not to mention it is made in America, each one a unique and individual creation by an American artist. Bravo!

Thank you!

Hello Mr. Sloss,
I received a stoneware butter dish as an early Christmas present!!! I love, love, love it! We could not wait to use up our dish of butter sitting on a boring old butter plate to try it out! Packed it with 1/4 stick of butter and filled the basin with about 1/3 with cold water! Kept the butter perfectly. Not too warm and wonderfully spreadablely soft!
we live in west central Florida and currently having a very warm December with temperatures in the 80's. The house is open and I am happy to report no problems with icky separating butter now, not with my new butter dish!
And, I have just told several friends, so don't be surprised if you get a spate of orders from Florida!
Thanks for making such a cool product!

Dear Jim,
I just got my new butter bell (French butter dish).  It is beautiful.  The colors match our kitchen counters and back splash perfectly.  I recently bought a butter bell in Texas and within one week the bottom cracked off.  Don't know why.  My husband loved using the soft butter so much better than cold butter out of the frig.  He immediately got on the Internet and that is where we found you and your wonderful selection.  I will order another one soon and have you send it to my favorite sister for her birthday.
You are a real artist.

Dear Jim,
I had a french butter dish for about 20 years and just loved it.  Needless to say when it finally broke I was heartbroken.  I found your site and was pleased to find many different glazes that I just loved.  I am very pleased with my selection and especially happy that it holds about l/2 pound of butter!  Your product is not only functional but beautiful to behold as well.
Thank you,

Dear Jim,
Thank you so much for the two beautiful butter dishes, which arrived yesterday.  I had friends over for lunch today, just so I could show them off.  I wish you many years of health and happiness, sharing your creative talent.
You will be at the top of my list, next time I need to buy a gift.

I received my butter dish today!  I was shocked, since I ordered it on the 13th, i was expecting to wait a week or longer, so thanks for the quick shipping : )  I mentioned your product in my blog along with some pictures, posted the link to the "Atkins" facebook page, and mentioned it (with pics) in my FB profile as well. Hopefully it generates some more business for you, I like helping out an individual vs. a corporation who mass produces.  Thanks for the great quality, have a great weekend!
-Vanessa - here's the link to my blog:   http://wwamot.blogspot.com

Dear Jim... My friend and I are delighted with the butter dishes.  They are beautifully made.  Have done some pottery myself and appreciate the quality you produce.  Thanks again and Happy Holidays...Michelle

The butterdish is beautful . thanks! it is beyond my expectations,

Hi Jim,
I just wanted to say Thank You for the butter dish! We love it!!  And just like another person said on your website the colors of the butter dish is exactly the same as in the pictures. For the first time in our house our butter is the same color as when you first take it out of the fridge. I couldn’t be happier with the butter dish THANK YOU again.
Happy butter dish owner


Hello Jim,
I just received one of your butter dishes as a housewarming dish from a friend and I just wanted to comment on how beautifully crafted it is!  Also, I got it today, after she ordered it on Thursday night…I can’t believe how fast it came to me!  Keep up the good work—I am definitely recommending your products to my friends!
Thanks, Aimee

Hi Jim, We received the french butter dish and it's perfect. Very true to the colors in the photo. Thank you very much and when people ask where it's from we will be sure to direct them to the web-site! Again, Thanks! Nico

Thank you for the great packaging. The butter dishes arrived today, and they are more beautiful than your website shows. I am very pleased.

Dear Jim,
Thank you for sending out the butter dishes I ordered so promptly.  They are beautiful and I love them both.  My plan is to give one as a gift to my daughter but it's very difficult to decide which one to keep!!  I am very pleased with the items and want you to know that I will refer my friends to your site.
Thanks again,

Just a note to tell you that we're using the butter dish daily and enjoying the instant taste of soft, fresh butter. It was not until I started using the dish that I suddenly recalled that my mother used to cover butter pats with water and leave in a dish on the stone slab in our pantry at home - no refrigerator then of course - so thanks for the memory!

Thank you so much for the quick attention to my order, it arrived in perfect condition.  I've looked for some time for a butter **** (Frnch butter dish) that would fit the décor of my kitchen.
Now I have a beautiful "top of the counter" piece" and soft butter.  THANKS

Thank you so much for my beautiful butter **** (french butter dish). I have been looking all over for one of these and most people look at you funny when you ask for one in stores. I don't like the ones in the catalogues and on the back of butter boxes so I was so thrilled to find your site. Thank you again. I will definitely keep you in mind for gifts in the future.
Sincerely, Karin

I just had to send you a note to let you know how happy I am with my purchase!  I was so surprised to see the crock show up on Saturday morning, when I had just ordered it Thursday afternoon!  It was so well packed too!  Thank you for getting it here quickly and safely! 
It exceeded my expectations.  The pictures are good, but in person, it is a wonderful piece of art!  I love knowing it is one of a kind!  I had a hard time choosing just what I wanted, mainly because I knew it would be sitting out on the counter all the time, and if I was going to have to look at it all the time, I wanted to love it.  Guess what?  I love it!  I am making homemade bread today, just to use my butter crock.  I am sure as my friends and family question me on this, you will be getting some referral sales no doubt! 
Thanks again for this little piece of you!

Dear Jim

We received the french butter dish yesterday and I just had to write and let you know that my husband and I are so pleased with the design!
It's beautiful and was meticulously packed. Nice doing business with you.


Mr Sloss,
Thanks for the quick service.  I ordered on Friday, and my Butter dish arrived today (Monday).  It's beautiful, the packing was excellent, and I'm impressed by the service. Thanks so much

 Max N.

Subject: Thanks so much....

....for a WONDERFUL product! I received my butter **** (french butter dish) several weeks ago, and I can't remember how I ever lived without it! :-) It keeps the butter perfectly fresh and soft, and it looks beautiful on my granite countertop! I am ordering one for everyone on my Christmas list this year! No butter-loving household should be without one of these, and Mr. Sloss, yours are the BEST! :-)
A very satisfied customer,

Jacksonville FL

Hi. I recently ordered a french butter dish from you and I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it!   It is one of the reduction fired copper red pieces. I don't really use that much butter, but the piece is so beautiful I just had to buy it!  I have it on display in my kitchen and it looks different throughout the day depending on the angle of light hitting it. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Thanks again for the beautiful butter dish.




I recently received my order of 4 different butter ****s* (french butter dishes).  Wow!  What a pleasant experience.  Absolutely immediate shipping and everything arrived safely.  Thanks for the great experience.  I ordered one for myself so I could enjoy real butter on my breakfast toast after years of suffering without.  Now I had finally found a way for it to happen.  So I ordered one each for my children.   Thanks to your artists, shippers, admin. etc.  Thanks again. 


Dear Jim,

    I was surprised to receive the butter ****  (french butter dish) in today's mail already!  It arrived, safe and sound, as it was very carefully bubble-wrapped and is every bit as beautiful as the picture.  I have already packed it with butter.  I'm sure I will be ordering more for gifts in the future and I'm telling   everyone I know to look on your website for the most beautiful butter ****s*  (french butter dish).  You make a high   class product (at reasonable prices) and the service can't be beat.  Thank you again.

    Karen B.


My mother absolutely LOVED the butter dish. She had seen a lot of the traditional kinds and did not really care for the look of them, but she said yours is beautiful. Thank you!

Thank you so much for my french butter dishes!  Not only are they beautiful, they are so handy.  I was so excited about mine and showed it to a friend, she said she had been digging through flea markets for years to replace the one she broke.  I am very happy that my butter is always at room temperature and fresh.



Dear Jim,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your prompt, efficient, and courteous handling of my order.
I am very pleased with my butter dishes and I would be happy to place a link to your site from mine, if you would like. I, like you, strive to immediately confirm and ship all of my orders, but you and I are becoming a 'rare breed' these days,  I think....  :) Good job!


Subject Yahoo!

I have had one of these butter keepers for years now and LOVE it! I've wanted another one (to rotate off during washing and as a backup, just in case) for a long time and have never been able to find one. In fact, the one I have now... I had made when my old one broke. Your designs are beautiful and I was so delighted to find your website.

Susan D

Thank you for your prompt reply to my order. I really appreciate your excellent response time and personal attention. I hope this catches on in the US - it's a great idea, and you have a beautiful product. Your web site is awesome, easy to use, with clear pictures and descriptions. A family member recently saw my butter dish and really liked it, so this one is a gift. What a clever design, and they are so beautifully made, I am proud to display it. I keep a copy of the web site handy when people have questions - it's a very unique piece, and everyone seems to like the concept. This makes a perfect gift for those people who seem to "have everything."  Thanks again for the excellent product and responsive service.
PS: I found a french crock this summer at an antique show, probably about 1900's, but the well is very shallow. I bought it more for decoration. Before finding you on the web site, I had never heard of them.


I wanted to email you about the butter b***s* (french butter dishes) I ordered recently. While I don't like butter, I'm certainly not opposed to those who do. I bought 2--one for my boyfriend (Mr. Butter) and I gave one to his Mother for her birthday last week. Everyone really likes the butter b*** (french butter dish). It works great!

I have been telling everyone who likes soft spreadable butter to use one, but to order them from you because I really admire your work. I did check out a lot of sites, and even some locals potters, but I think you have the best deal going and beautiful, handmade butter b***  (french butter dish) to boot.

Anyway, I just thought you might like to hear from a satisfied, "hold the butter" customer.

Mary M.

Dear Jim,
I wanted to let you know that we received the butter dishes on Friday and we love them.

You do wonderful work!  Thank you so much for for sending them to my home address, we were able to get them and wrap them before the guests even arrived...

I was very very pleased with my whole experience with you.  And very happy to be able to support a independent crafter as well. 

The people I bought one of the dishes for builds harps for a living, and they were very pleased as well to hear that this gift was supporting an independent crafter vs. a big store corporation.  The dishes are beautiful, and so far work well.  The real test will come this summer.

And the other guests this weekend were impressed with them as well, and show real interest....so, maybe you've gotten some more business too....as a lot of them have been looking for butter dishes like this for a while, but didn't know where to find them.

Thanks again for the great job you did in helping me out and getting the items quickly.



My goodness, Jim, they arrived this morning!  Thank you for getting them out so quickly.  They are beautiful and I know the recipients will be delighted!


Dear Jim,

The French butter dishes I ordered last week arrived on Saturday and they are so pretty.  One is mine and one is my sister's.  We have started using them and are pleased with the results.  Thank you so much for making them available and for shipping them in such a timely fashion!
Mary Ellen 



Excellent! Thank you so much. This butter dish is for my boyfriend who covets mine and just bought a new house. You are so fast!

I absolutely LOVE my butter dish that you made and now that I have showed him how to use it, my father loves the one that I got for him too and wonders how he could have been without one!
You do really beautiful work! Thanks again.


Dear Mr. Sloss,

My black french butter dish arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with it.  I chose your dish after reading the recommendation from Marcy Goldman's BetterBaking.com site.  My family and friends have been sceptical, but true to your advertising, the butter stays fresh and just the right temperature for spreading on bread or toast.  I didn't wake up to a melted mess on the counter this morning.

Ordering into Canada can sometimes be more trouble that it's worth - but your dish arrived safely (and well packed), within a few days of my ordering.  It couldn't have been simpler.

Thank you so much for a great product.

Hi, Jim ,

I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying your butter dish.
I grew up using these at my grandmother's (in France) but she never had any as lovely to look at as yours.
Thanks very much,


Mr. Sloss,

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my Butter dish, sugar & creamer set.


I happened upon your website one evening and shared with my husband how much I LOVED your version of the butter dish.

Little did I know (or even suspect) that he was going to purchase the set for me as a Mother's Day gift.

Your work is really a "WORK OF ART."  The quality by far surpasses any that we have found from other potters.

Thanks for offering such great items and making this Mother's Day a very special one.

Thank you,



First I can't believe I got it that fast.  Secondly, it's beautiful.  I will eventually have to have another one and a garlic keeper not to mention gifts. 

Even my husband raved about it which is unusal.


I could not be more thrilled with the butter dish I received! It is absolutely beautiful and makes me quite glad my old mass-produced butter crock broke a few weeks ago!!

Your dish is a work of art - even my kids are impressed!! :) And thanks for the great and speedy service.

I wanted to write and tell how happy I am with the butter dish I ordered from you.
Thank you so much for the outstanding service and the workmanship that went into this.
Brandon, FL

Good afternoon!

I received my butter dishes in the mail (copper red #'s 13, 14) today and they are beautiful!  I have already cleaned mine out and am softening butter as I write.  The reduction glaze is just beautiful, the very unique, one-of-a-kind look that I was searching for when deciding what kind of dish to buy.  Your work is really nice!  I live just an hour away from Seagrove, NC, so we are blessed with many talented potter's, and so I have seen all kinds of quality craftsmanship and can say that the glazing on these pieces is fantastic!  Thank you so much for making my purchase and online ordering experience so pleasant!  I have had your website 'bookmarked' for a year, knowing that I would order these as a gift to my mother and myself.  I just happened to stumble on to a fresh batch when I placed my order on the 3rd and so I feel extra fortunate to have not only two beautiful pieces, but one less Christmas gift to search for!
Thanks again for these wonderful pieces!


Hi Jim-

Thanks for the info.

I have to tell you, of all the expenses gifts I gave away this x-mas, the most enthusiastic response was over these butter dishes.


Just wanted to let you know that I find when it's really hot that if I put ice in the water the butter stays in the lid.
(At temperatures around 90 degrees, even our French Butter Dish will need to be refrigerated. - ed)


  I just received my French Butter Dish and I just wanted to thank you for the great packing and  very fast shipping. It matches my stoneware perfectly! I will use it for years to come and also will have the pleasure of knowing no one else has one exactly like it.

                                          Thanks again,


The four butter dishes arrived this week. As always, they are beautiful! Thanks for the prompt communication and delivery. If this was ebay, I'd give you an A+++++ great!

Thank you so much for my french butter dishes!  Not only are they beautiful, they are so handy.  I was so excited about mine and showed it to a friend, she said she had been digging through flea markets for years to replace the one she broke.  I am very happy that my butter is always at room temperature and fresh.



I received the dish and love it. I like that it has more colors and variation than the pictures on the site. I'll probably be ordering another one very soon.



Hello Jim!

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I was with my order. I am the one that wrote to you hoping that maybe you could ship UPS. You responded very quickly, which I appreciated. My request was unnecessary as the package was at my front door Tuesday. The postal service came thru after all!!!!

Good customer service is a rare find these days.......so thank you!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!


Dear jim,
Thanks. Got it already! Were you an overnight delivery service in your first life!?! 
Looks perfect...just got it loaded and am waiting for the croissants to be delivered!
Thanks again for the perfect service and product.

. From London, England

Just a quick note to say the two butter dishes arrived safely (beautifully packed) and are splendid! 
I've already recommended friends have a look at your site as the dishes are really difficult to get hold over this side of the Atlantic.
Best wishes,

*The people, who copied the French Butter Dishes lid design, trademarked this name and will not allow its use on our web site.